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Thanks so much for this video!

Congratulations on your KS!

Thanks so much!!

At first i was a little weirded out by the acapella ost, and the neopet following me. But really the game captivated me. The visuals are really unique, the music and the bosses in the end goes wild. Really waiting for the full game. Also would like to do something with all the gold i gathered¡¡¡

Thanks! We'll make sure the gold has a lot of use in the final game :)

This looks so good. I cant wait to play it

Thank you!

I didnt know I could sign up for a kickstarter that fast lol

Full Demo No Commentary 

Thanks so much!!

thuis  looks amazing, is there any way we can download the trailer soundtrack?

The soundtrack is available for purchase on our Kickstarter! Some of our songs are on Soundcloud. Check the first update on the page to find the song you want on Soundcloud. Couldn't get you a link, sorry!

Oh! nice!

also its ok!

Very cool


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Love the demo!

Thank you Adam!

cool game